419 cases of corona and two deaths were recorded within 24 hours

The Ministry of Health announced today, Wednesday, that 419 new cases of Corona virus have been recorded, and two deaths in the past 24 hours.

This brings the total number of active infections since the virus began spreading to 6,619, while the death toll has risen to 47 deaths.

The ministry indicated in its daily report on the epidemiological situation in Palestine, that 10 recovery cases were recorded in Bethlehem Governorate, 20 in Nablus Governorate, and 140 in Hebron Governorate, bringing the total number of total recovery cases to 1487 cases.

It also indicated that 17 of the injured were in intensive care, including 6 connected with respirators, noting that 3,349 examinations of suspected samples were performed during the past 24 hours.

The Ministry indicated that the division of injuries within the governorates

It came as follows:

181 casualties in the Jerusalem governorate: 119 in the city of Jerusalem, Qatana 1, Qalandiya camp 13, Ram 11, Anata 10, Kafr Aqab 5, Al-Eizariya 11, Abu Dis 6, Beit Surik 4, Issawiya 1

135 injuries in Ramallah and Al-Bireh Governorate: Ramallah City 48, Al-Jalazoun Camp 32, Deir Abu Mishaal 1, Petunia 3, Al-Tira 1, Ramon 1, Petlo 1, Jaffna 1, Birzeit 2, Al-Bireh 2, Nilin 20, Shaqba 1, Camp Deir Ammar 22

50 injuries in the Hebron Governorate: Hebron City 25, Halhul 3, Yatta 8, Bani Naim 2, Dora 1, Tarqumiya 1, Al-Shuyukh 1, Kharas 3, Idhna 5, Sa'ir 1.

One injury in the Bethlehem Governorate: Bethlehem 1.

6 injuries in Salfit governorate: Rafat 6

Two injuries in Jenin Governorate: Yamoun 1 and Al-Far'a 1

4 injuries in Nablus governorate: Nablus city 2, Beit Furik 1, Yassid 1.

31 injured in Jericho and Al-Aghwar Governorate: Jericho 22, Ain Al Sultan Camp 8, Aqabat Jabr Camp 1.

8 injuries in Qalqilya governorate: Qalqilya 7, Azzun 1

One injury in Tulkarm: Tulkarm 1

In the same context, the governor of Salfit, Major General Abdullah Kamil, announced that 7 cases of Corona virus had been recorded in Rafat village, as a result of contact with a family of an infected woman living in Deir Abu Mishaal village.

Camille decided to completely close the village of Rafat with a ban on leaving it or entering it.

The Governor of Qalqilya, Major General Rafeh, announced the registration of two new cases of Coronavirus in the city for two of the contacts who had been taken samples yesterday.


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