Johnson to the President: Our position is in support of international law and against annexation

A phone call took place, on Tuesday evening, between President Mahmoud Abbas and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

The President briefed the Prime Minister of Britain, as reported by the official Palestinian News Agency (WAFA), on the latest political developments, especially regarding the rejected Israeli annexation plans Palestinian, Arab and international.

The President appreciated Britain's position in support of achieving peace on the basis of international legitimacy, and refusing to include Palestinian lands in violation of international legitimacy resolutions, and called on Britain to make efforts in this regard.

The President expressed the readiness of the State of Palestine, once the annexation ceased, to go to negotiations on the basis of international legitimacy, under the auspices of the International Quartet, with the participation of other countries.

He also briefed the Prime Minister of Britain on the Palestinian efforts to confront the second wave of the Corona virus, which struck the Palestinian territories, and work to control them, appreciating Britain's efforts in combating the epidemic, and its assistance to Palestine in this field.

In turn, Johnson stressed his country's position, as stated in the British Parliament and in his article, in support of achieving peace on the basis of a two-state solution, commitment to implementing international legitimacy decisions, and his rejection of any measures taken by Israel to annex Palestinian lands as violating international legitimacy resolutions.

Johnson stressed the importance of reviving the peace process, and that his country will continue to support peace and is ready to make efforts in this framework.

It was agreed to continue communication and coordination during the coming period.


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