Thousands of Israelis demonstrate in front of Netanyahu´s house, demanding his resignation

On Tuesday evening, thousands of people demonstrated in front of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's house in West Jerusalem, accused of several corruption cases, demanding his resignation.

The protesters gathered in front of the Prime Minister's house held banners reading "Netanyahu's corruption provokes our disgust," and "Netanyahu resigned."

The Israeli police surrounded the protesters, who were wearing masks, but without obligation to keep them apart.

One of the participants said, "The most deadly virus is not Cofid-19, but corruption."

Netanyahu faces charges in three separate cases related to bribery, fraud and abuse of trust, and the outbreak of the Coruna Virus postponed his trial until next month.

Israeli law does not oblige the Prime Minister to resign if he is charged, but only if he is convicted of a crime and after exhausting all avenues of appeal, which may take years.

The demonstrators were also protesting the way to deal with the crisis of the outbreak of the new Corona virus, at a time when the Ministry of Health announced the registration of more than 1400 new infections 24 hours ago.


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