Trump May Take "Strong Action" Against "Tik Tok" and "WeChat" Applications

The White House’s commercial advisor said he expects US President Donald Trump to take “strong action” against the Chinese “tuk-tuk” and “Wei-chat” applications, given the return of inter-state tensions The United States and China.

Peter Navarro told Fox News that he expected "strong action" by Trump against these two applications he claimed were sending all data "to servers in China, directly to the Chinese army, the Chinese Communist Party and (official) agencies that want to steal our intellectual property."

The "Tik Tok" application is very popular with teenagers, especially thanks to its funny videos, which are highly focused on dance and music. It belongs to the Chinese "Beat Dance" group and has a billion users around the world. WeChat is the first messaging program in China and used by more than one billion people.

On Tuesday, Trump confirmed that he was studying the possibility of preventing "Tik Tok" due to suspicions of spying on the network for the Chinese government.

And Friday, "Amazon" sent an email to its employees asking them to remove the application "Tik Tok" on their phones, as announced by the giant American group working in the field of e-commerce. However, the group returned and later said they had sent this message "in error".

Commenting on the move, Navarro said, "They announced that and retracted it, which shows the influence of the CPC on American companies, and here lies the problem."


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