New noise reduction device through open windows

 A team of researchers in Singapore has created a new device that can reduce the pitch of sounds passing through open windows.

The Scientific Reports, which published the study, stated that the new device can be installed on a window of two sidewalks, and it can reduce the noise resulting from urban traffic by half (i.e. a reduction by ten decibels).

Created by Professor Pan Lam and a group of researchers at Nanjang University of Technical Sciences in Singapore, the new system consists of 24 amplifiers, each measuring 4.5 centimeters in diameter. These amplifiers are installed as a grid inside the window, as well as a sensor installed outside the window.

And if the sensor detects noise coming from outside, the amplifiers transmit a sound "anti-noise" at the same frequencies as the external sound, but through reverse sound waves, and these waves help to equalize the noise coming from the outside, thus reducing the sound pollution inside the room.


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