A sleeper train connecting Prague to the Adriatic Sea is in great demand

From the dark alleys under a mysterious castle that came in Kafka's novels, directly to the beaches along the Adriatic Sea; A new sleeper train that takes travelers from the picturesque streets of the Czech capital Prague to a beach vacation in Croatia is in great demand.

As Europe looses the closures imposed to contain the Coruna virus, Czech railways company "Regiogit" says it has already sold about 30,000 tickets for the railway that reaches the Adriatic coast.

Given the option of sleeping in a dormitory where contact with other travelers is limited, many passengers may see it as an advantage over overcrowded planes while the risk of infection with the Corona virus remains.

In view of the high demand after the first flight on the 30th of last June, the company has now decided to operate the new line daily in both directions, starting yesterday, July 11th. The operator had earlier planned to operate only three trains per week.

The journey to the Croatian coastal city of Rijeka in a seater or stroller, as well as stops in the Slovenian city of Ljubljana, takes about 14 hours. Coming from the opposite direction, travelers can actually in theory reach the German cities of Dresden and Berlin within an additional few hours of travel.

In view of the relatively low number of cases of Koruna, Croatia is a safe destination for many Czechs.

However, the number of new infections recently increased again.


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