Center: The risk of death threatens prisoners who are sick from the Corona pandemic

The Palestine Center for Prisoners Studies, warned today, Monday, that the risk of death threatens the lives of prisoners who are sick in particular in the occupation prisons as a result of the Corona pandemic, because their immunity is weak and their bodies cannot tolerate infection with this virus, which infiltrated in prisons after the prisoner's injury Patient Kamal Abu Waer while in the hospital.

Riyad Al-Ashqar, a spokesman for the center, said that the occupation continues to reckon with the lives of the sick prisoners and not to take preventive and safety measures for them or release them unconditionally, is a deliberate killing of them, as their bodies are exhausted from the various diseases that they suffer from, especially those with serious diseases and their infection with this virus It means a death sentence.

He added, "The injury of the prisoner Abu Waer during his presence in the occupation hospitals, where he is supposed to take all preventive measures, raises the alarm, and confirms the occupation's indifference to the lives of the prisoners, and its lack of concern for their safety and protection from this dangerous disease."

He continued, "The prisons include hundreds of prisoners behind the walls of patients who suffer from health problems, some of which are very dangerous, such as cancer, kidney failure, blockage of the arteries, not to mention those with shortness of breath, heart, high blood pressure, diabetes and other chronic diseases, and these are at greater risk than others due to a virus Sk. "

A spokesperson for the Palestine Center for Prisoners Studies confirmed that there are more than 700 sick prisoners in the occupation prisons, among them (150) prisoners who suffer from serious diseases as a result of practicing medical neglect against them for years and depriving them of real checks, medical analyzes, appropriate treatment or urgent surgical operations for some of them in need. For a long time, all this led to the exacerbation of diseases in the bodies of the prisoners, and the lack of hope for their recovery.

Al-Ashqar demanded urgent international intervention and pressure on the occupation to release the sick prisoners and the elderly who are exposed to a real danger to their lives in the event that the Corona virus spreads among the prisoners with no serious measures to confront the virus.


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