WHO: 230,000 new cases of corona in the world

The World Health Organization announced today, Sunday, a record increase in the number of new cases of Corona in the world, where about 230 thousand new cases were detected.

The organization, in a report issued today and collecting its information until 08:00 GMT on Sunday, increased the number of new infections in the Corona virus in the world by 230,370 cases, bringing the overall number to the level of 12552765 cases.


This index represents a record high and comes as confirmation of the organization's warnings about the rapid spread of the virus in the world, as it was previously recorded on July 9, 204967 cases, and on July 10, 228 102, and on July 11, 219983.

The WHO report indicated that the largest increases in infections were observed in the United States, Brazil, India and South Africa, according to Russia Today.

The organization also announced that 5285 people died from the Corona virus during the past 24 hours, bringing the total number of victims of the pandemic to the level of 561617.

The daily death rate of coronavirus in the world remains at a level higher than 5000 cases several days ago, as on July 9, 5575 deaths were recorded, and on July 10, 5565, and on July 11, 5286.

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