German Foreign Minister regrets that aid has not been continued to Syria

German Foreign Minister Haikou Maas expressed regret over the failure of the consensual proposal in the UN Security Council to continue sending aid to parts of Syria.

The German Foreign Ministry, in its account on the social networking site "Twitter", quoted Mas as saying on Saturday: "We deeply regret the blocking of the Russian and Chinese veto (again) across the border in the Security Council yesterday ... This is bitter news for millions of citizens." In northern Syria. "

Looking to continue the negotiations today, Mas said, "We call on all people not to obstruct a consensual solution anymore. We owe it to the citizens of Syria."

It is noteworthy that the Security Council issued a resolution in 2014 allowing the United Nations to enter important relief goods to parts in Syria through border crossings that are not controlled by the Syrian government. According to Western data, "about 2.8 million people depend on goods that pass through these border points in the region, which is largely controlled by 'Islamic militants'."

Russia and China have more than once used their veto power against German-Belgian draft resolutions.


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