Corona sufferers worldwide exceed 12 million

Today, Wednesday, the number of people infected with the Coronavirus around the world exceeds 12 million .

According to the "Worldometer" website , which specializes in monitoring virus statistics around the world, the number of infected people reached 12 million, two thousand and 132 .

The United States ranked first with 3 million and 104 thousand and 467, followed by Brazil with one million and 674 thousand and 655, then India with 760 thousand and 761 .

Russia ranked fourth, followed by Peru, Chile, Spain, Britain, Mexico, Iran, Italy, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and South Africa .

While Turkey ranked 15th in the world, with 207,897 injuries .

According to the same website, the number of corona deaths worldwide reached 548,152, while the number of people recovered reached 6 million, 952,778 .


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