"unrwa" is responding to Israel´s efforts to end its work in jerusalem: we will continue to provide services

JERUSALEM _ Palestine News Network

The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (unrwa) on Friday expressed concern over the statements made by the Israeli mayor in occupied jerusalem, Nir barakat, about its operations and installations in East Jerusalem.

In a press statement, UNRWA confirmed that it was managing humanitarian operations in conformity with the Charter of the United nations, bilateral and multilateral agreements still in force and relevant General Assembly Resolutions.

Barakat said he would push for the expulsion of UNRWA from jerusalem, and he instructed city officials to prepare a plan to replace all the Agency's tasks with municipal services and will present the plan to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin netanyahu, according to Israeli MEDIA.

UNRWA confirmed that it was specifically tasked by the United Nations General Assembly to provide protection and assistance to Palestinian refugees in the occupied Palestinian territory, including East jerusalem, until a solution to the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians was reached.

It had consistently endeavoured to maintain its operations in the occupied Palestinian territory, including East jerusalem, since 1967, in cooperation and on the basis of a formal agreement still in force with Israel.

It noted that "the important work of the agency in education, Health care, relief and social services in East Jerusalem is recognized and is determined to continue providing these services."

UNRWA also asserted that Barakat's statements "contradict the central principles of impartial and independent humanitarian action and do not reflect the dialogue and the active and orderly interaction that the Agency and Israel have traditionally maintained."

Founded by a resolution of the United Nations General Assembly in 1949, UNRWA provides services to some 5 million Palestine refugees registered in its five regions, namely jordan, syria, Lebanon and the West bank, and the Gaza strip, so that they can realize their full potential in the field of human development to To find a just solution to their cause.

UNRWA services include education, health care, relief, Social services, infrastructure, Camp improvement and Micro-credit.


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