The European Union allocates 22.7 million euros of humanitarian aid to the Palestinians

The European Union announced today, Wednesday, the provision of 22.7 million euros of humanitarian aid to the most vulnerable groups in Palestine, who are under increasing threat due to violence, difficult conditions and lack of basic services.

The European Union said in a statement today, Wednesday, that the Corona virus increased the humanitarian crisis in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, which was suffering from restrictions imposed on movement before the spread of the epidemic, and the demolition of Palestinian buildings, some of which the European Union funded, since the beginning of the Corona outbreak In the occupied West Bank.

"In these difficult times, the European Union is committed to assisting vulnerable Palestinians to ward off threats to their lives and livelihoods. The Union continues to protect Palestinians and provide vital assistance to them such as health care, education and safe water as a humanitarian donor standing to One aspect of the most vulnerable of Palestinians for a long time. The serious violations of international humanitarian law that lead to the forced displacement of civilians or that make them unable to access basic services and livelihoods must be stopped.

He added: "The European Union's humanitarian partners have been quick to adapt their interventions to the outbreak of the Corona virus, and put in place measures to preserve the safety of the Palestinians. The Federation has supported testing tents for health care facilities, provided hygiene materials for testing centers, provided cash assistance to vulnerable communities, and contributed to improving access opportunities On water, sanitation, sterilization and hygiene. "

In the Gaza Strip, 1.5 million people live under siege in the Gaza Strip, and living conditions are steadily deteriorating. Therefore, the European Union will provide cash assistance to vulnerable families, safe education for children, and provide care for the injured, who have no way to leave Gaza to obtain specialized care.

In the West Bank, the European Union and several member states continue to support a range of humanitarian assistance partners that protect communities threatened by demolition, eviction and settler violence, through legal and material assistance, and also finance improving students' access to quality education in light of the continuing violations against education.


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