The occupation authorities confiscated 689 meters of the land of Qarawat Bani Hassan

The Israeli occupation authorities, today, Wednesday, published the advertisement stipulating the confiscation of 689 meters next to the main road linking Qarawat Bani Hassan and Bidya in Salfit and giving a 60-day deadline for objection.

The governor of Salfit, Major General Abdullah Kamil, affirmed that the occupation authorities continue to seize more citizens' lands in Salfit governorate for military and security purposes to annex them for the benefit of the settlements, with American support and blessing.

The governor of Salfit issued instructions to the competent authorities in the governorate to follow up on this matter legally, in coordination with the municipal and village councils and related institutions; He called on the citizens and the owners of these lands to adhere to them, work to reclaim them, and provide the necessary for legal follow-up.


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