The death of the prisoner Saadi Al-Gharably in the occupation prisons

 It was announced today Wednesday, the death of the captive Saadi Al-Gharably (75 years), inside the prisons of the Israeli occupation, after suffering for the disease that lasted for many years.

The Israel Prison Administration confirmed the death of the prisoner, who was suffering from cancer, inside the Kaplan Hospital, noting that he had not been infected with the Corona virus after tests.

While a specialized institution for prisoners affairs confirmed that the occupation informed the captive movement in prisons of the martyrdom of the prisoner, indicating that anger prevails in prisons, especially the Negev.

The prisoners decided to return the meals to protest the martyr's death as a result of the medical negligence. They also decided to close all sections to mourn the martyr's spirit.

Al-Gharabli was suffering from a coma for days, after his difficult health situation had worsened.

And the Israeli occupation forces have arrested Al-Gharabali since 1994 on charges of killing an Israeli soldier in Tel Aviv, where he was sentenced to life imprisonment.

Gharabli is a former prisoner of the Gaza Strip. He is a resident of the Shujaiya neighborhood. He is married and has a father of 10. One of them, Ahmed Gharabli, was killed in 2002 in a clash with the occupation soldiers. He was 20 years old.

This brings the number of martyrs of the captive movement to 224, the majority of whom were due to medical negligence, of whom 73 are prisoners who died as a result of torture, 69 as a result of medical negligence, 75 as a result of willful killing after arrest, and 7 others after the Israeli occupation forces shot them dead in prisons.

In addition to them are hundreds of other released prisoners who died after being freed from Israeli prisons as a result of diseases they inherited from prisons as a result of torture and deliberate medical neglect.

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