Hundreds of "Drone" planes light up the Seoul sky and why?

odhaet Hundreds march aircraft in the sky of Seoul impressively display aims to raise the morale and directing awareness messages at a time when the world is facing a pandemic Kovid -19.

300 of these planes were programmed to create pictures over the Han River that crosses the South Korean capital, in a breathtaking show.

The show started with messages reminding citizens of basic precautions, including putting masks, washing hands, and keeping a distance of two meters with others.

The planes formed pictures of a muzzle surrounded by particles of the emerging corona virus, which then quickly turned into hands with drops of water against the background of the dark sky.

The 10-minute presentation went to letters of thanks to the medical teams standing in the front rows to fight the pandemic as well as the South Korean people for their collective efforts in this area.

The drones wrote "Thank you" alongside a heart and then formed a map of the Korean peninsula with a message of encouragement to the citizens.

Silva did not announce the offer, which was organized by the authorities to avoid gatherings and respect for procedures and physical spacing on what the Ministry of Transport showed South Korean.


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