4 smart and efficient ways to transfer a file from one device to another

There has recently emerged an urgent need to perform most of the work from home with the spread of the Corona pandemic, including the transfer of files from one device to another remotely.

"Times News Now" explained that often file sharing via e-mail or messaging applications may not be suitable for transmission, due to the large file size.

Therefore, the report put before the user 4 smart and efficient ways to transfer files from one device to another safely over the Internet.

These methods were as follows:

1- Google Drive:

It is an application to share documents and store managed, owned and marketed by Google. It is an easy-to-use tool that can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

This method is used to transfer a file using Google Drive to cloud storage, just upload the file to the drive. Once this is loaded, you can share the drive link via mail or you can copy and send the link via any messaging app. Using the link, it can be received by the recipient or by the file on any device.

2- Dropbox:

Whoever uses Google Drive or Dropbox, they feel the platforms are relatively similar in terms of functions and features, but what distinguishes Dropbox is that its technology via smart phones is relatively easier.

3- Send Anywhere:

Send Anywhere is a good way to transfer files or share them with other users. You can use the official web browser, or you can even install the official mobile app compatible with both Android and iOS.

It is characterized by ease of transmission, as it has an icon on the left side of the browser, which makes it easy to download, send or receive files.

The application also contains many security factors, as the application can only be opened with a code that is sent from the recipient to the recipient.

4- JioSwitch:

This app is only compatible with Android devices. With it, you can share or transfer data between Android and iOS smartphones. One of the advantages of this app is that it does not necessarily require internet connection. Also, there is no limit to the file size.


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