Cats prefer to stay at home.

Summer, sun, beach and ocean. What looks like for most of us is the height of relaxation. It is hell for many cats. She would prefer her favorite place under the sofa or on a pillow in a chair in the kitchen instead of the hotel room or vacation home.

Cats love the routine and their habitual environment, so it is best if their owners keep them at home if they intend to travel for a few days, according to animal care organization "Four Pose".

A close family member can take care of the cat, but a good alternative is to sit the cat until there is companionship for the cat.

As for taking a cat on vacation, it can be very stressful, mainly for the animal. It can become intimidating, and this may appear by urinating in furniture, scratching and hiding, or becoming aggressive.

And if one cannot leave the cat, the best means of transportation is the car, bus or train. But flights should be the last resort, according to "Four Pose" (the Four Claws).

Cat owners should remember their cat packages carefully on holidays, from cat kits, food and water dishes, sand boxes, any medications, toys and first aid kit. Familiar vocabulary can help your cat feel at home.


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