The death of an elderly prisoner in the occupation prisons

Today, Monday, 75-year-old Saadi Al-Gharably, from the Gaza Strip, was martyred inside the occupation prisons, as a result of the medical negligence approved against the prisoners .

The director of the Waed Association for Prisoners and Editors, Abdullah Kandil, said: "The prisoner was suffering from cancer, and was subjected to a medical neglect certified in the occupation prisons, which led to his martyrdom."

"Qandil", in a press statement, added that "Al-Gharabli, a resident of Gaza City, has been detained for 26 years, suffers from prostate cancer, and is condemned to life . "

He pointed out that "Al-Gharably" was isolated for many years in the cells, and he suffered from medical neglect .

With the martyrdom of "Al-Gharably", the number of prisoners who died in the occupation prisons rises to 223 .

For his part, the spokesman for the Islamic Resistance Movement "Hamas", Abd al-Latif al-Qanu`, considered the martyrdom of the captive al-Gharabli, "bypassing the red lines, in the systematic occupation policy against the prisoners and not providing them with the requirements of human life and health care for them . "

In a written statement to him, al-Qanu` said: "The rise of the martyrs of the captive movement to 223 in the prisons of the occupation is evidence of the brutality of the occupation and its stripping of all human values, ethics and international norms in dealing with the prisoners."

He added, "The human rights, humanitarian and international institutions must break their silence, while the heroic prisoners in the occupation prisons are exposed to it, and from the death that threatens their lives, in light of the ongoing medical neglect."


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