Occupation arrests 13 citizens in the West Bank

The occupation forces arrested 13 citizens of the West Bank, most of them from the towns of Ramallah and Al-Bireh, on Monday night, according to Al-Asir Club.

He said that ten citizens were arrested from several towns in Ramallah and Al-Bireh Governorate, including a father and his son, and they were: Saher Al-Barghouthi (50 years), and his son Saddam (29 years), both from the town of Beit Rima, and Mu'tasem Nasr Mishal (25 years) from the town of Deir Ghassana. In addition to each of: Adel Nadim Hawih, Farhat Hosni Dahabra from the town of Ain Yabrud, Thaer Barghouti from the town of Kober, Sami Mahmoud Nasser from the town of Deir Qadis, and Lotfi Tharwat Al Kilani from the town of Peten, and Muhammad Mutee and Adnan Talaat, both from the town of Kharbatha Bani Harith.

The captive club added that the occupation arrested the former captive Bilal Najwat Fashshafeh from the town of Jaba in Jenin, and he arrested him in front of a military checkpoint near Nablus, in addition to the famous citizen, al-Ajlouni, from Hebron.

In addition to the detainees, a citizen from the town of Kafr Aqab, according to Al-Asir Club.


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