Israeli shelling targets positions in The Gaza Strip

On Sunday evening, July 5, 2020, Israeli warplanes launched raids on various targets in the Gaza Strip, after the Israeli army claimed to have fired three rocket-propelled grenades at the al-Asif settlements.

According to our correspondent, the helicopter sought three raids on agricultural land east of Al-Zaytoun neighborhood east of Gaza City, but no casualties were reported, indicating damage to a number of houses of nearby citizens.

For its part, Palestine TV said today, the occupation helicopter swarmed again on monitoring points tracking the field control east of Gaza City. 

The channel added that the warplanes of the military occupation are flying intensively in the atmosphere of the Gaza Strip.
According to medical sources, there were no casualties in the two raids in eastern Gaza.

The idf spokesman claimed this evening that three rocket-propelled grenades were fired from the Gaza ⁧ ⁩ towards ⁧Israel.

The army spokesman added that it is a follow-up to reports of the activation of the whistles in the area of ⁧ Gaza, ⁩ talk about monitoring the firing of two missiles from the Gaza ⁧ ⁩ towards the ⁧ Israel, and a third missile intercepted by the Iron Dome."

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