An Israeli plan to build 164 settlement units south of Bethlehem

The director of the Office of the Resistance of the Wall and Settlement Authority, Hassan Brijieh, said that the Council of Settlements in the West Bank announced the start of work on building 164 new settlement units in the “Neve Daniel” settlement south of Bethlehem . And

Brigia added, in a statement, today, Sunday, that, according to Hebrew sources, "This settlement expansion comes to create a new neighborhood in the settlement of" Neve Daniel "in the name of the Neve Nof settlement neighborhood, at the expense of the citizens' lands in the towns of Al-Khader and Nahhalin. This will rob dozens of agricultural donums . "

He pointed out that this settlement expansion falls within the policy of "fattening" the settlements, or the project of the so-called "Greater Jerusalem", and taking advantage of the current situation due to the Corona pandemic, where the settlers and under the protection of the occupation forces are seizing large areas of land, under the new policy of To deliver evacuation and posting notifications.


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