Austria: Protest against the Israeli annexation plan

The Austrian-Palestinian Solidarity Movement, with Arab and Austrian institutions, and with the broad participation of our community members in Austria, organized a protest against the occupation plan annexing occupied Palestinian lands.

Sami Ayad confirmed during the sit-in that the community members stood united against the annexation plan that the occupation government is planning.

For her part, the head of the Palestinian Women Committee in Austria, Najwa Gibran, stressed the need for united action on the Austrian scene to expose the policy of the Israeli occupation in all international forums.

In turn, Palestinian National Council member Munther Merhi said that the sons of Palestinian communities in Europe stand united behind the Palestinian leadership, headed by President Mahmoud Abbas, in his decisions and steps to break from the agreements with Israel and stand against it against the "deal of the century".

Merhi added that the children of the Palestinian communities in Europe salute the people of our people for what they did in order to thwart all the conspiracies that are being waged against the Palestinian land and human being.

Speakers from the Austrian institutions and the BDS movement rejected the annexation plan, expressing their condemnation of the Israeli occupation crimes committed against our people.


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