The Israeli occupation demolishes the home of a Palestinian citizen inside the occupied one

Today, Thursday, the Israeli occupation authorities demolished a house in the city of Lod (central Palestine, Mahalla in 1948), belonging to a Palestinian citizen.

Eyewitnesses told Quds Press: Large forces of the occupation police and special units, accompanied by bulldozers, closed the area and the streets surrounding the house, turned the area into a closed military barrack, and began to demolish the upper floor of the house on the pretext of not licensing.

"The Israeli police stormed the house without warning and broke down the doors and terrorized the children, and forced the children and women to go out into the street under the blazing sun, without regard to their feelings and circumstances, and without prior warning," said owner of the house Naim Abdel-Hadi.

He added, that the Israeli authorities rejected all solutions and negotiations, and even refused to give us an opportunity to carry out the demolition ourselves.

 For its part, Palestinian sources in the city said that the demolition of the house today is an indication of the intention of the municipality of the occupation to escalate the demolitions of Palestinian citizens' homes during the coming period, on the pretext of not permitting.

It is noteworthy that the occupation authorities and their municipality in Lod have been tightening the noose on Palestinian Arabs in the city recently, pursuing them in the house and working with all their enormous potential to democratize them within Arab neighborhoods, which have made them resemble narrow "cantons" that do not meet the population needs of Palestinian citizens.

While the occupation authorities refuse to issue building permits for Arab homes, as they begin to expand the city and build new settlement neighborhoods for Jews.

In a related context, today, dozens of Palestinians from the interior, with the participation of a number of Arab representatives in the occupation parliament, organized a protest against the demolition of Arab homes, in front of the Israeli Central Court in the city of Haifa in northern occupied Palestine in 48.

Participants in the banquet held banners inscribed with slogans condemning the policies of house demolitions and others demanding the right to land and housing.

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