"palestinian Awqaf ": 142 attacks on holy places and religious sites September the past

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The Ministry of Awqaf and Religious Affairs of the Palestinian Authority (pa) documented 142 attacks on Holy places, religious sites and shrines during the month of September last September.

The ministry said in a report on Thursday that the "quds press" received a copy of it, that the occupation increased the desecration and storming of the AL-AQSA mosque, during the past month, where he witnessed an increase in the number of Jewish intruders, especially during the period of Jewish holidays.

He said the total number of attacks on the mosque amounted to 41 incursions and desecration, pointing to the increase in deportation decisions and arrests of al-aqsa, the staff and the ALMORAVIDS.

The report pointed to the targeting of the area  "al-buraq wall", where the Jerusalem occupation Municipality announced the initiation of practical procedures for the establishment of a "cable car" starting from the "german quarter" and passing through the town of Tur (east) to the square of Al-buraq (west of Al aqsa), aimed at facilitating the arrival of thousands of settlers and the "bab al-mughrabi".

He also explained the inauguration of a highway from Jerusalem to "ben gurion" Airport in Tel Aviv to facilitate Jewish access to AL-AQSA Mosque and Jerusalem.

In the same statement, the minister of awqaf, Sheikh yusuf, said that it was a dangerous step aimed at the Islamic presence and the defender of al-aqsa, and an attempt by the occupation to dissuade the Palestinians from reaching him, in a clear scheme aimed at emptying it and dividing it, in order to facilitate the incursions of settlers And the violation of his sanctity and sacredness.

He explained that the occupation authorities were introducing geographical changes in the holy city, where crews of the municipality of occupation continued to create an opening and opened a new gate near the "bab al-amud" in the old city, in a precedent aimed at historical monuments of Jerusalem.

In the Ibrahimi mosque, the occupation was prevented during the month of September, the Azan was lifted 80 times amid siege, roadblocks, searches, development, interference and attacks on Palestinians.

According to the report, thousands of settlers organized celebrations inside and outside the Ibrahimi mosque, while the occupation forces turned the perimeter of the mosque into a closed military barracks, forcing the owners of the shops to Close.

According to the report, the occupation continued to restrict the people of the city of hebron, where the owners of shops in a number of areas were forced to close the city in order to facilitate the access of settlers to the tomb of "habron", in addition to storming the building of the archaeological tower in Samu (south) performers their ritual rituals.

In bethlehem, the report refers to settlers storming the area of "solomon's ponds" (south), where they performed their rituals and prayers, as well as in Jericho when they stormed "ein El-sultan camp", in nablus, "tomb of Yusuf ", and west of village  "awarta " (nablus District) "maqam al-'zer".

The total number of attacks on mosques, religious sites and shrines has reached over the past month, according to the ministry, which has documented 142 Assaults.


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