A mass rally in Gaza, rejecting "annexation", amid calls for unity and uprising in the face of the occupation

The Palestinian national and Islamic forces organized, on Wednesday, a mass rally in rejection of the Israeli "annexation" plan expected to be implemented for parts of the West Bank and the Jordan Valley, and to confirm the rejection of the deal of the century and all plans to liquidate the Palestinian issue.

Thousands participated in the march that started from the "Al-Sina'a" junction, to the "Ansar" junction west of Gaza City, where the demonstrators, led by leaders of all the factions, raised the Palestinian flag.

Saadi Abed, a member of the political bureau of the Fida Party, speaking on behalf of the national and Islamic forces, said that the occupation will not be calm for long.

He added, "The spark of vacuuming the occupation and exploding towards the dawn of freedom will erupt until the establishment of a Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital."

Abed stressed the necessity of stopping the unfortunate contradictions and media and rhetoric, stressing the need to work to end the division and restore national unity by working jointly between national actors, institutions and personalities.

He said: "There should be no conditions for convergence and dialogue, as comprehensive national participation is the basis of any agreement," calling for a clear strategy for the effective and urgent restoration of unity.

He expressed his hope that the movement in Gaza will contribute to strengthening the resilience of the people of Jerusalem and the West Bank, especially the Jordan Valley, stressing the need for a comprehensive national rise in the face of the occupation government and its settlement plans backed by American arrogance. He says.

The spokesman for the national and Islamic forces stressed during the march that the annexation decision is an existential threat to the Palestinian people by the occupation, and will open the way for a comprehensive explosion and a new intifada.

Abed said: "Our people will not be silent, and an all-out spark will arise ... Our Sabaa, who has made enormous sacrifices for decades in defense of his freedom and dignity, is ready to make further sacrifices in order to live in his homeland freely and generously."

He stressed the need to safeguard national rights under the misleading of the moral home of all Palestinians represented by the PLO, and to address the world to refute the flimsy arguments about division by some quarters with the aim of escaping the entitlements due to them.

He called for providing capabilities to enhance the resilience of the Palestinian people, especially farmers in areas adjacent to settlements, which are at risk of expropriation and annexation.

He expressed the Palestinians' appreciation for the stated political positions of some Arab countries towards the process of confiscation and annexation, calling on those countries to translate their positions and the decisions of the Arab summits into a practical action, stop normalization with the occupation and take practical positions towards it, and work to provide a safety net for the Palestinians.

The spokesman for the forces called on the PLO and the leadership of the Palestinian Authority to continue the steps for the State of Palestine to join all international organizations and agreements in order to pursue Israeli officials on the crimes committed against the Palestinian people, including annexation, settlement, and aggression against holy sites.

He appealed to the countries that refused to annex to take punitive decisions against the occupation, especially since its plan contradicts the decisions of international legitimacy, calling on them to immediately recognize the state of Palestine, with Jerusalem as its capital.

Abed drew tribute to the international boycott movement, which plays a major role in influencing the occupying state through its work to boycott settlements and other products.

He concluded by saying: "Our people are capable of shaping the horizons of their future ... Our unity is the safety valve and our only option to face the deal of shame and annexation, and it is our first and only choice towards breaking the occupation and sweeping the plans of the occupation and securing the return of refugees in accordance with international legal decisions."


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