Lufthansa announces plans to operate half of its fleet in the summer

 Lufthansa, the German airline, published today, Monday, the schedule of its flights until the twenty-fourth of next October.

Under this schedule, it is expected that half of the Lufthansa fleet will operate, or about 380 of 760 aircraft.

The largest German airline has indicated that it will implement more than 40% of its previous program, noting that 90% of short and medium flights and more than 70% of long flights will be implemented.

The company, ravaged by the repercussions of the Corona crisis to the point of threatening bankruptcy, continued that its flights will focus on the Mediterranean basin.

Lufthansa had agreed with the federal government in Berlin to obtain a rescue package worth nine billion euros in exchange for Berlin receiving a 20% stake, and Lufthansa shareholders approved the plan in the vote that took place last Thursday.


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