Al-Asir Club: The occupation forces arrest 10 citizens from the West Bank, including a boy

The occupation forces arrested 10 citizens of the West Bank, including a boy, on Monday night and at dawn today, according to what the Prisoner Club announced.

He said that the occupation arrested the young Ahmad Muhammad Radad (33 years) from the town of Saida in Tulkarm, along with the former captive Baha Adnan Abu Bakr (25 years) and Osama Riyad Turkman (18 years) from the town of Ya`bad in Jenin.

The occupation forces were arrested from Silwad and Dura Al-Qara 'towns in Ramallah and Al-Bireh Awni Fares, and Amjad Hassan Al-Rubaie, two former prisoners, in addition to each of: Fakhri Hammad and Saeed Ahmed Abu Shalbaya (18 years old), both from Al-Amari camp, according to Al-Asir Club.

He added that the occupation soldiers arrested a young man and a boy from Al-Aroub camp, namely: Hamada Adawi, and the boy Ahmed Raafat Al-Badawi, and they also handed the boy Ahmed Emad Al-Badawi a statement to review her intelligence.

Adam Shafiq Obaid was arrested from Al-Issawiya town in Jerusalem.


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