Copies everything you write .. Tik Tok "spy" on iPhone users

An American technical researcher revealed new information that the famous Chinese application "Tik Tok" is spying on iOS devices.

Zach Doffman said in an article on Forbes that Apple had fixed an iOS14 bug that included applications secretly accessing Clipboad clipboard records.

Among those applications that were secretly reading the records of what users are doing, the "Tik Tok" application, which suspicions are hovering from the ground up.

A user posted a video showing that the app copies what he writes every time he clicks the keyboard:

The technical writer said that a spokesperson for "Tik Tok" told him that it was due to the operation of a feature designed to remove unwanted content, but she realized this error and sent an updated version of her application to the Apple store.

The company also affirmed its commitment to "protect the privacy of users" and the principle of "transparency".

Prior to that, Apple had announced that the problem was related to a third-party "advertising manager", and that it was not a party to that problem.

The music video application launched by the Chinese company, "Beat Dance" in 2016, allows to share videos with others creatively, and the application has witnessed great growth in the past months.

Members of the US Congress have voiced fears that Tik Tok may be a potential target for foreign influence campaigns in the United States, such as the 2016 US presidential election.

The company said the application that it is working "independent" from the Chinese government, and that it stored user information in the United States within the states, and that they are not subject to Chinese law, and Beijing did not ask them to delete any data, and it will not do if requested.


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