Facebook bans more hate ads and posts posters for politicians

Amidst a backlash from advertisers, the social networking giant Facebook is implementing new policies to prohibit more forms of hate speech and postings that limit the voice casting process, and will also feature suspicious comments by senior Politicians put a poster on it.

Facebook president Mark Zuckerberg made the announcement, at a time when the company's stock fell nearly 7 percent during Friday's trading.

The company will more strictly restrict ads that indicate a person constitutes a physical threat based on their race, religion, sex, or gender. It has also begun to change its policies to better protect migrants and refugees in the face of hate speech.

Facebook said it would start highlighting content it considers "of news importance" and in another way violating its policies, and that this would result in politicians not getting access to traffic. However, such material will still be available to allow other users to offer counter points.

Zuckerberg said in a live broadcast on the Internet that "there are no exceptions to articles of news importance for content that incites violence or limits voting, even if politicians say so. We are continuing to strike a blow against this content whoever says it."

Last year, Facebook generated advertising revenue of about $ 70 billion.


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