Shakira, Merkel and Macron attend a fundraising event to provide vaccines against SK

Maybe the names of German Chancellor, Angela Merkel and two pop stars, Justin Bieber and Shakira are not related to each other - but fundraising is being done by the President of the European Commission, Urzula von der Line, to provide a vaccine against Corona virus, brings them together today, Saturday.

Von Deer Line opens the fundraising summit at 3 pm Saturday, which includes committees and interviews. German Chancellor and French President Emmanuel Macron will participate in the summit. The artist and wrestler Dwayne Johnson, also known as "The Rock", will witness the organization of a music concert from 8:00 pm onwards, in which Shakira, Coldplay, Asher, Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber and others will participate.

The summit and the concert aim to raise money to develop vaccines, tests and treatment methods against the Corona virus, according to a press release.

So far, the commission has raised 10 billion euros (11.2 billion dollars) to develop and deploy vaccines, commission spokesman Eric Mayer said on Friday.

The ceremony will be broadcast online.

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