Mass rallies in France, in support of Palestine and a rejection of the annexation plan

housands of activists participated, on Saturday, in mass rallies in the French capital Paris, and in other French cities, in opposition to the Israeli occupation plan annexing lands from the West Bank, and in solidarity with the struggle of the Palestinian people.

The central march in which about 5 thousand activists participated in the streets of the French capital starting from the Barbas neighborhood in Paris, for a period of four hours, up to the Nation Square in the capital, chanting the chants rejecting the annexation, and the impact of Palestinian national songs, and chanting slogans directed against the Zionist movement and in solidarity with Palestinian prisoners.

During the march, many words were delivered by civil society organizations, and a message was read in French from the freedom fighter, George Abdullah, who is detained in French prisons, where Abdullah condemned the Israeli annexation and praised the struggle of the Palestinian people.

The demonstrators gave pro-Palestine and anti-Israel phrases, such as: "Long live Palestine", "boycott Israel", "Palestine will win" and "freedom for Palestine", while calling on the international community to impose sanctions on Israel.

The march was organized by French left parties and civil society organizations, the participants raised the Palestinian flags, the flags of the participating parties and organizations, and pictures demanding the freedom of the freedom fighter, George Abdullah, and signs rejecting annexation.

Protesters also staged similar protests in other cities such as Lyon, Strasbourg, Saint-Etienne, Montpellier and Marseille.


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