Two brothers are forced to self-demolish their home in Silwan

 The two brothers, Firas and Iyad, let's complete the demolition of their house in Hosh al-'Uwar in the town of Silwan, Jerusalem, under the pretext of not licensing.

The Occupation Municipality in Jerusalem issued a decision against the two brothers to self-demolish their house, which is under construction, and they started to demolish part of the two houses last week and complete the demolition process yesterday.

Firas Dana said: The house includes two apartments with an area of ​​75 meters per house, noting that he and his brother tried to obtain a building permit through an engineer, but they were unable to do so because of the rejection of the occupation municipality.

He added: The court gave us until the first of next month a deadline for the demolition process, so we had to self-demolish in order to avoid paying large sums if the municipality carried out the demolition.

He pointed out that "13 individuals from the two families were about to live in the two houses, and after the demolition process, we had no shelter, and we became homeless."

He emphasized that the municipality deliberately deprived Jerusalemites of their right to build and placed obstacles in front of them, in an attempt to displace them from the city of Jerusalem.

The director of the Jerusalem Center for Social and Economic Rights, Ziad Al-Hamouri, had confirmed earlier that this year witnessed twenty self-demolitions in Jerusalem, where citizens are forced to implement them to avoid paying the heavy fines imposed by the Israeli occupation, if it carried out the demolition.

Al-Hamouri added that there has been an escalation in the self-demolitions of citizens ’homes in Jerusalem since the beginning of the year.


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