Barghouti: More than 8,300 cancer patients in Gaza whose lives are at risk

The Secretary-General of the Palestinian National Initiative Movement, Mustafa Barghouti, warned of the danger of preventing the occupation authorities from preventing patients from the Gaza Strip from reaching Jerusalem and the West Bank for treatment other than available in the Gaza Strip because of the unjust blockade on them.

Barghouti said that the reports from Gaza indicate that more than 80,300 patients with cancer need treatment outside the Gaza Strip and are denied access to it, which threatens their lives, in addition to thousands of patients who suffer from other chronic or severe diseases.

Barghouti referred to the case of Anwar Mohammed Harb, a child with heart disease who died of being prevented from reaching treatment in Jerusalem.

He said that the lives of many residents of the Gaza Strip are at risk today due to the lack of treatments, including radiotherapy, lack of medical and diagnostic equipment.Barghouti called on all governments and humanitarian institutions to exert immediate pressure on the occupation authorities to lift the siege of the Gaza Strip and remove the forces on the movement of patients.In need of treatment.

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