Ministry of Information: 12 captive journalists in the occupation prisons

Palestinian journalists are exposed to the most severe violations of their rights, most notably "detention", which includes the raiding of the journalist's house, confiscation of equipment, physical search and exposure to extensive and cruel investigation, punctuated by restraint, harassment, incitement, insult, insult and insult.


The Israeli occupation authorities detain 12 journalists in its prisons, according to information received from the Palestinian Prisoners Club, and the captured journalists are: Mahmoud Musa Issa, Basem Khandakji, Ahmed Hassan Al-Saifi, Munther Mufleh, Haitham Jaber, Ahmed Al-Orabid, Mays Abu Ghosh, Amer Abu Helil, Bushra Al-Tawil, Saleh Al-Amor, Mustafa Al-Sakhl, weighs Jaafar Abu Salah


The Ministry of Information is following with great interest the file of captured journalists in the occupation prisons, and to clarify the conditions of arresting journalists from the first moment and describing the bitterness of the families, the Ministry tells the story of an exceptional veteran heroine who faced the most brutal occupation violations, from arresting and preventing travel and exposure to injuries in the field and depriving her of her right to expression, where she was humiliated Media doctor at Birzeit University and Widad Al-Barghouthi, the press, to serve the word, so she was a student of hundreds of journalists who faced with their professionalism the occupation soldiers in the field to convey the Palestinian narration.


The Israeli occupation forces arrested the journalist, Barghouthi, on September 1, 2019, at 2 a.m. after storming her house in the town of Kober, northwest of Ramallah. Barghouti said in a tone of pride, "An Israeli army force raided my house, I tried to gather my full strength to understand who was targeting, but when The occupation officer asked me while I was suffering from chronic diseases or taking medications. Those were the medications that I take as evidence to know that I am the target. Along the way, while I am on the tanker, I feel their fear of it as if it were rockets. "


Al-Barghouti continued her speech, when the tanker arrived at Ofer Prison, “The physical inspection was exhausted psychologically and physically, and during the entire period of movement I was blindfolded.” Al-Barghouti described the cells in which she remained throughout the period of her captivity that she did not have any connection with humanity, and said: “My pillow was a bottle of water in The first days of my family ", and my food was food, I was determined to eat anything, to achieve cohesion in the interrogation rooms, and indeed I was able to argue with them and confront them by telling the truth, and I had a determination to draw from my right on this land, and she added," Women and children are placed on them as an additional dribble for the small wrist "!!

Dr. Al-Barghouthi assured us of her steadfastness in refusing to sign any paper or answering any question, and she said, "The investigation periods were long, and between the investigation sessions, they were bringing me back to the cell for about an hour and then we would return to a battle from the victor." I possess my full strength and hide the anxiety and argue, so that this experience brought me back to my youth, after I decided to resign I realized that I should give my students more and teach them to such situations.


Our school describes her families ’experience with live experience and fuel for her lectures. She said:“ Transferring detainees to the “medium” and tens of hours in clippers, blindfolds, rough and damp cell floors, in addition to light flashes and poor sanitation, all of this did not prevent me from overcoming the state of emptiness and imagining my students in the lectures. I was weaving hope out of pain. On a cork bowl, I was digging and tying up my diary. Simple things in our lives that had value to take from a “plastic food fork” to comb my hair.

The so-called Israeli Occupation Court released the prisoner Barghouti on 9/17/2019 in exchange for a financial guarantee of "40,000 shekels" in addition to imposing house arrest on her, preventing her from doing her work at Birzeit University and preventing her from using social networking sites or communicating with the media or making statements With a statement about her trial.

Then the Israeli occupation court postponed its case with an appeal request that allowed her to practice her work and return to her home, on September 24, 2019.

The occupation forces demolished her home on 11/5/2020, but she commented, "The families’ tiredness, bitterness, and material loss in paying the financial fine, and moving away from my home at the time of the release, then demolishing them to my house that has the memories of a lifetime. Imagine it, especially when this steadfast people are on your back, so you know that you are victorious when you leave this "inhuman" prison to celebrate you as a hero.

Al-Barghouthi sends its message to Palestinian journalists and women journalists that the media is in its nature for the sake of the word Haqq in what he writes, transmits and depicts of events, so whatever the journalist is exposed to violations to pay the price of his word and image, he is the only winner in conveying the correct Palestinian narration to the world.

The Israeli occupation does not refrain from committing any crime or violation of obstructing the performance of the Palestinian journalist and preventing him from continuing his professional media work, tying him and tightening the noose on his freedom of the press. Where these occupation methods aim to subjugate the Palestinian press movement to the occupation establishment, which demonstrates the occupation army’s racism towards the Palestinian people and its arrogance of the right of journalists.


The Ministry of Information considers that the arrest is only a door that extends to a large series of violations, and affirms that the occupation forces and their authorities ’arresting and extending of their detention demonstrate the pursuit of them to prevent them from reporting and conveying the correct Palestinian image. Four years, and to ensure that the Israeli occupation army does not go unpunished, which was the appeal that the Ministry had previously made to successive Presidents of the Council.


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