Corona waves ravage Hebron ... and unremitting efforts to besiege the epidemic and prevent its spread

The checkpoints of love have returned again throughout the city of Hebron and at the entrances to the governorate, to compel citizens to follow ways of prevention to reduce the spread of the Corona virus, whose waves crept in and hit violently and raised the number of infected people during the last few days.

New centers

In order to prevent the spread of the virus, after registering more than thirty epidemic outposts, following the state of underestimation and recklessness of citizens, regarding adherence to the standards of prevention and safety, preventive medicine crews worked on new ways to inventory and draw the contacts department, by opening field centers to examine samples and surveys.

Dr. Rami Al-Qawasmi, Director of Hebron Health, said that when the number of the injured increased greatly, large field clouds centers were opened to accommodate the increasing numbers, so that there was no overcrowding, pointing to the presence of clouds centers in the north and south of Hebron and Al-Dhahiriya and Yatta.

He added: The injured citizens and those who are in contact with their vehicles and wait until their turn, one of them takes out their registration cards and gives their data, then the sample is taken for him before the doctor instructs him about the procedures and ways to prevent the virus from spreading.

Al-Qawasmi called for caution and the need to adhere to safety and health procedures, and to adhere to preventive standards, by following the procedures of health protocols, by wearing masks and ensuring personal hygiene, and limiting gatherings.

Extraordinary efforts

Exceptional efforts by medical personnel in the Hebron governorate, and despite the seriousness, they prove their efficiency and stand on the first line without paying attention to the difficulties they face.

Dr. Afif Al-Atawneh, Director of Southern Hebron Health, said that despite the difficult conditions under the heat and protective clothing for long hours, doctors and preventive medicine teams demonstrate high skill and efficiency, and cooperate with citizens while observing their own safety and the safety of citizens, explaining that they are making unremitting efforts to prevent the virus from spreading by withdrawing hundreds Samples in all departments to be able to control and complete the last mixtures, confirming that most of the injuries are caused by contacts.


Al-Atawneh stressed that "the Corona virus is a reality that cannot be denied, and the local community must realize the seriousness of this virus in the event that cynicism and mockery have arisen around it, and that the price will be exorbitant, God forbid, if health and preventive safety standards are not adhered to," explaining that the indicators come within Collecting epidemiological data for the cases that are recorded, the nature of their infection and contact with them, with general consideration to the epidemiological situation at the level of the region and the world at large, which clearly indicates and foreshadows a new wave of Corona virus, and this calls us to intensify our efforts to complete what has been accomplished in the past three months, to stand In front of the upcoming wave, and control the status quo.

Not a play

Jibrin Al-Bakri, Governor of Hebron Governorate, said that the return of infections with the Corona virus was expected due to the recklessness and underestimation of the Corona virus during and after Eid Al-Fitr, explaining that some people still believed that the virus was a theatrical story and fabricated and not serious, which led to the emergence of confusion and confusion. This led to a disregard for the approved health protocols that were published and circulated.

He explained that the injuries in the governorate were from outside and were transmitted through contacts, pointing out that there are three crossings in Hebron Governorate and more than 150 smuggling points for workers, and about 50 thousand workers moving between different regions, which greatly increased the numbers.

More actions

The national and Islamic forces in the Hebron Governorate sent an appeal to the government and its agencies to strengthen all preventive measures in the Hebron Governorate, and called on citizens to commit to more awareness in order to confront the epidemic.

The national forces said in a statement: "At a time when our people are facing the epidemic of the occupation, its criminal policies and the dangers of annexation and settlement, the Hebron Governorate in particular, and Palestine in general, are facing a new wave of the Corona virus, which is a more dangerous wave than previously, which Requests the Palestinian government to take a number of preventive measures to curb the spread of this dreaded epidemic among the citizens. "

She added: "The preventive measures taken by the government in the Hebron governorate, and if they come a little late, they are legitimate and important measures, especially as they relate to public health, and facing the threat of this epidemic, which is a collective responsibility that must be assumed by official and unofficial bodies, which requires the highest The degree of caution by citizens and their cooperation, both individually and collectively, to support these measures and to address the irresponsible practices of some groups and people underestimating the epidemic and the measures to prevent it, with flimsy and often deceptive pretexts. "

The national forces stressed the necessity to respect the official measures taken by the national authority to confront this virus and limit its spread and to eliminate it completely.


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