Israeli forces arrest 15 residents of Jerusalem and the West Bank

RAMALLAH _ Palestine News Network

At dawn on Wednesday, Israeli occupying forces launched a campaign of arrests of 15 citizens, including 8 from occupied Jerusalem.

The occupying army announced the arrest of Seven West Bank citizens, including Ismail Jibril from Qalqilya, Tariq ' Abd al-Hadi Karjah of Safa village west of Ramallah, and Mohamed Rajeh Issa from the town of al-Khader, south of Bethlehem, and Dia Mohamed Zaoul of Husan.

Clashes erupted with the occupation in the Amari camp in Ramallah, where Israeli occupation soldiers stormed the Abu Hamid family home in al-Amari camp and conducted an engineering survey of the House of the captive Islam Abu Hamid, who was accused by the occupation of murdering an Israeli soldier in the camp on May 26 May last year.

In occupied Jerusalem, eight young men, mainly from Issawiya, were arrested by members of the Occupation: Ghassan Alian, Khaled Abu Ghosh, Mohammad Zakaria Alyan, Ahmed Yusuf Obeid, Waseem Dari, Baraa Wael Mahmoud, Mohammad Alaa Mahmoud, and Mohammed Hawashi was arrested from Shu'fat camp.


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