In a letter to Macron. 120 French parliamentarians reject the annexation plan

120 French parliamentarians from the Senate and House of Representatives, and from various French political currents, sent a letter to French President Emmanuel Macron asking them to recognize the state of Palestine, in response to the annexation plan that the Israeli government intends to start implementing soon.

In their message, the parliamentarians enumerated all international responses rejecting the Israeli annexation plan, calling on the French government to move forward in order to preserve the two-state solution as the only solution that provides hope for achieving a lasting peace in the region, and that the Palestinian state be a real state and not just "Bantustans" "Isolated from one another.

The parliamentarians who signed the letter demanded the necessity of imposing international sanctions on Israel if it implemented the annexation scheme as it constitutes a flagrant violation of international law and constitutes a major threat to security and peace in the region and to the rights of the Palestinian people.

The letter called for a common European recognition of the State of Palestine by the 27 member states of the European Union. If the European recognition is not possible, France should unilaterally recognize the State of Palestine.

They also affirmed their unwavering stance regarding the settlement settlement, and in whatever form it is, as a violation of the United Nations Charter and the rules of international law.

The parliamentarians noted that the Israeli government is trying to exploit the world's preoccupation with facing the Corona epidemic in order to pass its settlement plans instead of cooperating with its surroundings in facing the epidemic.


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