Al-Khawaja: A new victory for the BDS movement

 A member of the BDS Movement Secretariat Salah Al-Khawaja considered the decision of the Dutch Retirement Fund to withdraw its investments from Israeli banks a new victory for the boycott movement and for the justice of the Palestinian cause.

Al-Khawaja pointed out in a radio interview, this morning, Tuesday, to the cooperation of the official level, especially the Ministry of Justice, in an attempt to take legal measures to prosecute international companies operating in settlements at all levels and courts.

International, such as the criminal courts and regional courts of the European and African federations in light of the existing agreements between these countries, in addition to the trial of those countries.

Al-Khawaja pointed out that the boycott movement has other plans to incur the Israeli economy, billions of dollars in losses, and that there are many developments that need to be built upon in order to become a national strategy.


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