Updated Occupation launches a large campaign of arrests

The occupation forces arrested 17 citizens of the West Bank, including two brothers, a father and a son, in addition to former prisoners, Monday evening, at dawn.

The Al-Asir Club said that six citizens were arrested from several parts and towns in Ramallah and Al-Bireh Governorate, namely: Wa'd Mamdouh Al-Ramahi, Moaz Sufyan Al-Ramahi, and Ahmed Muhammad Matar, who are from Al-Jalazoun camp, while three citizens were arrested from the towns of Kober and Abu Shakhidem, and they are: Basil Al-Barghouthi and his son Muhammad and Muhammad Zahi Abu Zahir.

He added that the occupation was arrested by the brothers, Ahmed and Muhammad Ibrahim Hammad (Sheikh), in addition to Wassim Jihad Nazzal

From the town of Tayasir in Tubas Governorate, the occupation arrested: Zahi Ahmed Abu Ali, Daham Fayez Subaih, and Iyad Mithqal Abu Mohsen, according to Al-Asir Club.

Added to the detainees are Ali Abu Surur (25 years), Muhammad Akram Taqatqa (27 years old), both from Bethlehem, Ali Sufyan Obeid from Al-Issawiya in Jerusalem, and two other citizens from the towns of Anabta and Zita in Tulkarm, namely: Moamen Salim Hanoun and Badr Mazen Saeed Ahmed (23 years old), according to Al-Asir Club.


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