Dozens of international and legal experts issued a joint statement against annexation

 Dozens of human rights experts and special rapporteurs of the United Nations issued a statement in which they affirmed that the project to annex the Palestinian territories is a serious violation of the United Nations charters and the Geneva Conventions, contradicts international law and broadly strikes the base The basic assertion of UN representative bodies, including the Security Council and the United Nations General Assembly, is that the acquisition of territory by war or force is illegal and totally unacceptable.

The Head of the International Relations Committee commended the joint list, Deputy Dr. Youssef Jabareen, on this initiative, stressing its importance internationally.

Jabarin telephoned Professor Michael Link, the UN Special Rapporteur on the Palestinian Territories occupied in 1967, where the two parties discussed the dangers of annexation schemes and the role of international institutions and the international community in general to prevent the government of Israel from initiating the annexation.

Jabareen emphasized the importance of this declared international stance of the Special Rapporteurs and United Nations human rights experts, saying that international legitimacy stands before a basic test, as the annexation project is a war crime that would deepen the occupation and legitimize the continuation of Israeli settlement on the Palestinian lands, and accordingly, it is imperative That the institutions of the international community work to implement international legitimacy, by assuming their responsibilities in defense of international law and international resolutions.


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