First images of the waiting electric car, "ID4", released by "Volkswagen"

Instagram has published the first unofficial collection of the electric car picture developed by German company Volkswagen, called "ID4".

It is difficult to maintain confidentiality in the field of auto development in particular, due to the multiplicity of participants in any project to develop a new car, which is what happened with the pictures of the car "ID4", "TechAu" website concerned with auto issues and technology.

The new car belongs to the mid-size SUV segment.

According to the "Tech AU" website, the design of the car looks very different from the "Volkswagen" cars in this category through streamlines, bright door handles and wheels that look great, with great consideration to air resistance in order to increase the range of the electric car battery.

The ID4 is the second electric car from "Volkswagen" after the smaller ID3, and is considered part of the German company’s strategy to expand the production of electric cars in the wake of the scandal of manipulating the results of exhaust rates in its diesel-powered cars, which are known In the name of the "diesel jet" scandal, it exploded in September 2015

The range of the car is expected to be about 500 km (420 miles) before the battery needs to be recharged to compete with Model Y electric cars from the American company Tesla and E-Tron from the Volkswagen Group and ECC from German Mercedes.

The ID4 is also expected to be offered in two classes in terms of propulsion system, one with front-wheel drive and the other with a rear-wheel drive, with three classes in terms of battery power, which is 45 kilowatt hours, 58 kilowatt hours and 77 kilowatt hours.

It is expected to put the car in the markets of Europe, China and the United States first and then in the rest of the world after that.


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