Poland introduces a video game into the curriculum of high school students

 Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Murawiecki said that the country intends to introduce a video game that talks about the suffering of civilians during the war in the high school curriculum, this came during his visit to the developer company of the game "11 Beit Studios" .

"By introducing the game into our educational system, we will expand our imagination and introduce something new into Polish and international culture," Moravitsky said today.

He added that the games are "a new way of cultural expression".

And in this talk game called "This War of Maine" (this is my war) released in 2014, it is a war that was presented from the perspective of civilians trying to save themselves in a besieged city instead of the soldiers' perspective.

This may be the first time that a video game has been added to the curriculum at the national level in addition to the recommended reading materials, said Grozjors Micchovsky, CEO of the developer.


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