Updated 14 citizens were arrested, including the wife of Asir

The occupation forces arrested at dawn today, Wednesday, 14 citizens in the West Bank, the majority of whom are from Jerusalem, including the wife and prisoner of her son, accompanied by abuses and attacks on the detainees.

The Prisoners Club reported that at least 11 citizens were arrested from several parts and towns in Jerusalem from yesterday afternoon until this morning, including: Iman al-A’our, the mother of the prisoner Muhammad al-A`ur and his brother Gabriel, who was later released, in addition to both: Adam Siyam (14 years old) ), His brother Amer (17 years old), the boy Mahdi Khaddour, the boy Sultan Shweiki, in addition to the boy Hatem al-Bashiti and his brother Abd al-Rahman, Adham al-Zaatari and Muhammad al-Tariqi, where they were arrested after being beaten, and from the town of al-Issawiya, a force of Arabists kidnapped the boy Abd God Raafat Mahmoud.

Al-Asir Club pointed out that the mother of the captive, Muhammad Al-Aawar, was scheduled today to visit her son in the "Negev Negev" prison, knowing that her husband has been detained since the end of last month, and he is in the cells of the Al-Maskubiya investigation center.

The forces stormed a role in Hebron, and arrested the boy, Mustafa Samir Al-Zeer, 16, and Majdi Fawaz Al-Rajoub, 16, after they raided their homes.

The forces closed the entrances to Dora and Al-Fawar camp leading to the bypass road leading to the settlement of Ataniel, south of the city, to secure a bicycle race for the settlers.

The forces also delivered security reports to review their intelligence services of the liberated prisoner, Muhammad al-Mimi, in Aqabat Jabr camp in Jericho.

In the town of Swan and Ain Yabrud, east of Ramallah, security reports were delivered to a number of young men to review their intelligence.


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