Palestinian welcome .. An internationalist statement rejects the scheme of "annexation" and its support for America: a violation of international law

 48 decision of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights in a joint statement, today, Tuesday, rejected the United States of America's support for the Israeli annexation scheme.

The statement quoted UN experts as saying that "the agreement of the new Israeli government to annex large parts of the occupied West Bank, after the first of July, would violate a basic principle in international law."

They added: "The international community must oppose the Israeli plan," stressing that "accountability and ending impunity should become an immediate priority for the international community."

They also called for "taking accountability measures that are chosen in strict accordance with international law, that they are proportionate and effective, and that they are subject to regular review, and consistent with human rights law, humanitarian law, and refugee law."

Palestinian welcome

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Riyad Al-Malki, welcomed the position of the UN Special Rapporteurs, stressing the importance of their consensus, and the special human rights procedures that reject annexation, and the launch of a common position on this.

Al-Maliki called on the international community to "assume its responsibilities and adhere to the summary of the position of the special rapporteurs on their legal, political and moral responsibilities in defending the existing international system."

Al-Maliki stressed the importance of what was stated in the statement, as the international community considered the annexation of occupied lands a prohibited act and a cause of wars, economic destruction and political instability, and a systematic and widespread violation of human rights.

He stressed the statement made by the Special Rapporteurs. That the Israeli occupation and over the past 53 years is a major source of human rights violations against the Palestinian people, from the confiscation of lands and natural resources, settler violence, the issuance of racist discriminatory laws, house demolitions, forced displacement and displacement, administrative detention and torture, detention of children, and restriction of freedom of opinion And the press, and exposing the Palestinians to toxic waste and other daily violations against the Palestinian people.

He added: These violations constitute war crimes and crimes against humanity.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs stressed the importance of the consensus of the special rapporteurs, and the special procedures for human rights to reject the annexation, and to launch a common position on that, which reflects the efforts undertaken by the Palestinian diplomacy and its legal path in calling on all international parties to deter annexation schemes, specifically the occupation’s accountability for its crimes and accountability Perpetrators, to deter Israeli officials.

Al-Maliki thanked the Special Rapporteurs for their clarification of the bad role played by the United States of America by encouraging the occupation authority to commit crimes, including illegal schemes to annex more lands, and granting the occupation and its officials immunity and impunity.

Al-Maliki called on the international community to assume its responsibilities, and to abide by the summary of the position of the special rapporteurs, on their legal, political and moral responsibilities in defending the rules-based international system, and facing violations of human rights and basic principles of international law.

He said: The countries of the world must stop Israel's immunity and impunity, and not recognize and refrain from providing any support or assistance, in any way, to the occupation force, and any illegal measures, and any steps aimed at annexing lands from the occupied Palestinian state and establishing settlement colonies. Illegal on them.

He called on states to implement their obligations, including United Nations resolutions, especially the UN Security Council, and to prevent the entry of settlement goods, or the entry of settlers into their countries, in addition to imposing severe penalties on the Israeli settlement colonial system, including on weapons and equipment used against Palestinian people.

In conclusion, Al-Maliki stressed that diplomatic work continues to deter annexation and confront it in all international forums, and to confront Israeli practices and violations, in order to dry up the sources of colonial settlement, end the Israeli occupation, and enable the Palestinian people to exercise all their rights, chief among them independence, self-determination, and the return of refugees .


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