Committee: The occupation committed 56 violations of Jerusalem journalists

Throughout the current year 2020, the Committee to Support Journalists has documented more Israeli violations of Palestinian journalists and media workers working in occupied Jerusalem and its environs.

In its report, the committee emphasized that journalists throughout this period were subject to direct targeting, including beatings, shootings, arbitrary detention and intrusion into their homes, prohibitions from working or photographing in the city of Jerusalem, arrest, summons, interrogation, and deportation from the occupied Jerusalem city, confiscation of press equipment, and others From direct threats and constant harassment.

The report showed that since the beginning of the year 2020, more than (56) violations of the rights of Jerusalemite men and women journalists and journalists in the city of the Holy Land were recorded, including (4) cases of deportation, for each of the journalists Anan Najib, Sundus Aweys, Amjad Arafah, Abdel Karim Darwish, (7) cases of arrest and detention, and (14) summonses.

The report also recorded (8) cases of prevention from work, including renewing the ban on the work of the Palestine TV channel office in occupied Jerusalem and the work of its crews from working in the city of Jerusalem, and forcing (6) cases to pay a fine, and confiscating (4) devices and equipment and cards A journalist, and the registration of (6) cases of storming the homes of journalists, while the occupation courts issued a ruling (1) on the detained Jerusalemite journalist, Mays Abu Ghosh, as well as targeting, hitting and threatening a number (6).


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