Gaza: General Manager of Pharmacy: We suffer from 45% drug deficit

The Ministry of Health in Gaza announced today, Monday, that it suffers from an acute shortage of drugs by up to 44%, a deficiency in medical consumables by 30%, a shortage of laboratory supplies by 56%, and warned of the worsening of the situation Health for patients without treatment.

Munir al-Barrash, Director General of Pharmacy in the Ministry, stated that the lack of one drug class affects the treatment protocol for cancer patients, and increases the incidence of disability, which is currently 35%.

Al-Bursh said that "the continuation of the Israeli blockade imposed for about 14 years on Gaza, and the obstacles imposed by the global crisis of the Corona pandemic, as well as the failure of the Ministry in Ramallah to provide the budget for the Gaza Strip," are all factors that led to this drug deficit.

He pointed out that since the beginning of the year, Gaza’s health has only reached $ 2 million in maturity of $ 40 million, noting that the medical service inside the specialized “Al-Hayat” hospital, a private hospital contracted with the Ministry of Health, to provide treatment for cancer patients “is still incomplete.”

The Gaza Strip records about 120-130 new cases of cancerous tumors per month, while the number of patients treated in hospitals reached 6 thousand patients, according to the data of the Ministry of Health.


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