Watts August is planning a huge change that may prompt users to delete it!

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It seems that the most popular messaging app in the world, Watts August, is planning to introduce a major change that may disturb many users soon.

The application of Watts August is scheduled to start displaying advertisements to users, according to the co-founder, Brian Acton, who participated in the creation of Watts August 2009, before the property moves to Facebook in 2014.

Now, Acton and COM leave work in Watts August, and it seems that the decision to leave is due to the lack of agreement on the income realization criteria of the chat application.

In 2014, Facebook reassured both COM and wakton that there would be no pressure to invest through Watts August within the next five years, but that means achieving income could begin by 2019.

Speaking with Forbes, a spokesman for Watts August confirmed that the app will start to show ads in the "Status " feature, during 2019, which is completely in contradiction to the vision of Watts August's corporate goals.

In a written blog before Facebook acquires the app, the founders wrote:  "Nowadays, companies know everything about you and your friends and interests, and use them all to sell ads. When we sat down to start our own business three years ago, we wanted to design a distant product from other advertising platforms.

In this regard, many users have moved to the Twitter platform to express their extreme discomfort with the next change, one of whom said:  "If you enter Watts August ads, I'll delete it."

It should be noted that it is not yet clear when the change will be implemented.


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