Watch the ability of one of the best Huawei phones to withstand fire and breakage! (Video)

The famous JerryRigEverything channel on YouTube has stirred up its followers by broadcasting a video that shows that one of the most popular phones on the market has been subjected to very severe tests.

In the clip that the channel released this time, experts tested the ability of the P40 Pro, one of the best Huawei phones, to withstand breakage, scratching and even fire.

The expert on the channel showed how he injured the phone screen with a sharp object, as it showed serious resistance to scratches, and got a sixth-degree evaluation of the slight marks left by the code on it, and a seventh-grade evaluation of the visible scratches.

The glass cover intended to protect the back camera also showed excellent abilities to resist scratches, while the exterior paint of the structure was clearly damaged after being cut by the blade.

After exposing the phone's screen to the lighter's fire for about 30 seconds, she remained on the screen with some traces of the burn, but her work was not affected at all by this process.

Regarding the durability of this phone, the expert tried to bend the structure with both hands, but the structure showed excellent capabilities in this test and was not subjected to deformation or warping.

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