Palestine is present in the Greek demonstrations

Palestine attended a massive demonstration in the Greek capital Athens organized by trade unions against all forms of exploitation, oppression and racism, and against the American imperialist aggressive policies in the region and towards the peoples of the world.

About five thousand demonstrators who traveled from central Athens to the American embassy, ​​chanting slogans of solidarity with the oppressed peoples of the world and our Palestinian people who raised their flags during this demonstration, participated in the presence of the Ambassador of the State of Palestine to Greece Marwan Tobasi and many of our people.

The participants called for freedom for Palestine, condemning the occupation and its racist settlement policies.

The representative of the American Labor Union from California affirmed by telephone the peoples solidarity in their rise against the wild capitalism and its colonial political repercussions. The Secretary-General of the Communist Party of Greece, and the Secretary General of the "Wretched" trade unions who emphasized the slogans of the demonstration, also called for the freedom of peoples from the fruits of oppression, including the Palestinian people.

Ambassador Toubasi said: The declaration issued by the demonstrators gave Palestine its position it deserves in solidarity with the rights of our people, who are fighting against the most heinous settlement occupation.

The statement issued by the demonstration called on the Greek government to recognize the state of Palestine and its capital, East Jerusalem, on the borders of 67, and to condemn the occupation, settlement and racial annexation, the necessity to fight the occupying state and impose sanctions on it, and the necessity of some countries stopping positions of political hypocrisy and double standards.


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