Members of the US Congress demand an end to "settler violence"

 called on members of the American Congress to put an end to "settler violence" against the Palestinian people.

This was stated in a letter sent by 54 members of Congress to the American Ambassador to Israel David Friedman on "the increase in settler violence against the Palestinians."

Members of Congress expressed concern over reports of settler violence against Palestinians in the West Bank, and demanded that Friedman condemn it.

They pointed out that incidents of settler violence against Palestinians increased by 78% in the last two weeks of last March, and included: physical assault, uprooting olive trees, and throwing stones at Palestinian vehicles.

They said that this sharp increase in "settler violence" amid the Corona virus pandemic follows the already large increases in settler violence against Palestinians over the past two years.

As the New York Times reported, "settler attacks against Palestinians and their property." ... increased by 50% "in 2018. The year 2019 witnessed an additional 40% increase in documented incidents of violence against Palestinians."

They emphasized that "such incidents not only cause tragic suffering, but also harm the prospects for a negotiated solution to the conflict based on a two-state basis, a solution that is in the interest of both Israel and the Palestinians, and the United States."

Members of Congress urged Ambassador Friedman to publicly reject the violence of settlers committed urgently, to work to counter the sharp rise in their attacks during the Corona virus crisis, and the sudden general increase in violence such as these in the past two years.


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